The best way to integrate into a church community is through connecting in Bible study groups, conversations, and social activities.


Small Group Bible Studies for Adults

Each Bible study group (also called Sabbath School class) meets on Saturday mornings at 10 am.

  • Bill and Jay lead an adult Bible study guide class (aka the Quarterly Class). A class study guide (called a "quarterly" is available).
  • Freddie and Janeth lead a Spanish Bible Study class.
  • Roger leads a topical Bible study class based on the current sermon series.
  • Tom and Bob lead the Bible Journey Class to discuss how scripture addresses contemporary Biblical issues.

Men's Ministry

This group is just getting started, and finding great momentum! The bonding time began with a weekend backpacking trip, and continues to grow as new ideas for projects and spiritual growth activities are brainstormed.

Youth Activities

Fun and spiritually enriching activities are frequently planned for youth. Ask about the next upcoming event(s)!

Health Ministry

Cooking classes, fitness activities, family hikes, a running group, and more are available. Ask about how you can connect!

Connections Cafe

This brand new ministry meetings the second and fourth Thursday of each month in the AAA Church Fireside Room at 7 pm. This is an opportunity to meet new friends; relax and have something warm to drink; and engage in Biblical dialog. Wrestling with a challenging text? Interested in seeing the Bible in new light? Join us and we'll explore Bible questions together!

Pathfinders & Adventurers

These are great kid-based clubs for helping children grow in their faith and life skills! Adventurers is for ages 4-9, and club meetings are held on Sunday nights. Pathfinders is for ages 10-16+ (or 5th-10th grade), and club meetings are held on Tuesday nights. Ask for more information about the Auburn Academy Aviators Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs!

Connect with a Small Group!

Find out more about a ministry area of interest!


Connect with AAA Church!

Join a small group, attend a ministry event, make new friends, and grow in your faith!